Forgetfulness or the first
signs of Alzheimer's?

Draw a simple clock and wait for the Artificial Intelligence
to calculate your risk within minutes!

Why Did We Build Cognity?

Are you worried to have Alzheimer's about yourself or a loved one? We understand your concern.
Cognity is designed to warn you earlier in case of any risk for Dementia or Alzheimer's.


Cognity is designed by an expert team including neurologists and computer scientists. The app includes medically proven Alzheimer's / Dementia tests.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Cognity is the first mobile app that can catch some signals of Dementia by analyzing the photo of a clock drawing.


You can learn your Visuospatial Memory risk within 3 minutes and Dementia risk within 10 minutes.

Cognity Features

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Cognity is a freemium app developed for Alzheimer's or Dementia risk assessment

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